Heart of Guadalupe Retreat Dec. 8-14, 2021 Teotihuacan, Mexico

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I’m so very happy that you’re considering joining me for this amazing opportunity to develop and deepen our relationship with the Divine Mother, with our intuition, and with our own precious hearts. We'll spend full luxurious days painting in the studio at my little hotel Villa Las Campanas, and you'll go home with a completed painting of La Virgen de Guadalupe as well as an understanding of her symbolism in both image and story as a cosmological codex for indigenous wisdom. We'll visit the pyramids here in Teotihuacan to deepen her context in our lives. We'll eat delicious meals and relax in the gardens. And we'll gather in prayer and in prayerful mark-making on our canvas. Painting an image of the Mother is a deep act of devotion and reverence, a way to participate with awareness in creation, and to converse through your heart with the Mother.


Having spent decades of my life in creative expression and prayer dedicated to the Virgin of Guadalupe, I have come to trust Her fully as our guide on this path of pilgrimage through which we will learn to access our creativity and express ourselves authentically in all the myriad ways we pray and give thanks. While you might explore inside and outside religion to find your relationship with Her, this journey is open to everyone, from all faith paths and traditions. The pilgrimage we are going on is all about using a paint brush as a tool to open doorways and learning to feel Her arms holding you in a warm embrace, surrendering into the gentle rhythm of the soul, the heart, the part of you that knows that you are your Divine Mother’s child. While I will guide you step by step through a powerful painting process that will help you establish your intuitive devotional communication with the Divine Mother, it is She who will lead you into the deepest parts of yourself. There is no experience necessary for any of this – just a willingness, an openness, a readiness to step up and to kneel down in humility and gratitude for the blessings She so freely bestows upon all of Her children. If you’re game for this experience, then rest assured that your days here will be full, rich, and healing, filled with paint, love, and laughter!


We will be staying at Villa Las Campanas in Teotihuacan, Mexico, which is Emily’s own little hotel located about an hour outside of Mexico City, is close to the pyramids and has ideal private space for our painting and processing and prayer. We will be visiting the pyramids one day, and we will hopefully be traveling into Mexico City one day to visit the Basilica of Guadalupe, pandemic pilgrimage restrictions permitting. I also have some fun special surprise activities planned for you all, which will be, well, a surprise! And we will be painting in the studio salon at Villa Las Campanas, which is a special space with a view of our local church built in 1736 – all of your materials are provided – paint, brushes, canvas. Your canvas will be on the large side – around 24x32 inches, so take that into consideration – you can take it home on the plane – as carry-on if you’re bold, or as checked luggage, or taking the canvas off the stretcher and rolling it (plan some time and labor to do that – I’ll provide tools, then have it restretched back home), or I can ship your canvas to you via DHL – plan on that costing around $180 USD. Having traveled frequently with paintings, my preferred method is to remove, roll, carry on, and restretch.


I realize that for some of you, this may be the first time you’re traveling since the pandemic began. Our group will be very small, limited to 6 participants, and we will be following the strictest of sanitary measures we can to ensure everyone's safety. Each participant will be provided with a private room (please let us know if you prefer a roommate who already belongs to your “pod.”) We will require all participants to be vaccinated and to provide negative Covid test upon arrival (within 48 hours before arriving to the retreat – can be home test with photo evidence, or free tests provided at US airport), as well as wear face masks when we’re in public and in any kind of close quarters. Our meetings will have safe distancing – you can choose to wear a face mask the whole time if you prefer. I also highly recommend that you acquire travelers insurance. There will be some Covid hoops to jump through on your return trip as well, primarily a negative Covid test required by the U.S. which must be taken within 72 hours of entry into the U.S. – we will be arranging for these tests to be done with a local lab who will come to Villa Las Campanas to apply them. The test costs $800 MXN pesos, so please plan for that in your budget. I deeply appreciate everyone’s cooperation in our safety measures as your cooperation is what allows me to be able to provide a much-needed retreat experience to you!


Pilgrimage investment is $1850 USD and includes 6 nights private room accommodations, 3 meal a day, group ground transportation, and all art supplies. Does not include roundtrip airfare to Mexico City, personal expenses, travelers insurance, or gratuities.


Our accommodations are at the Villa Las Campanas




For questions or to chat, contact Emily at sacredartjourneys@hotmail.com.

Or at 011 52 (552) 710-4577  (WhatsApp, text and call)

Or via www.EmilyKGrievesArt.com contact form