Book of Dreams - Upcoming Retreats 2020 & 2021

SAVE THE DATE!  Stay tuned for details on these upcoming retreats for Book of Dreams:


Feb. 27 - March 4, 2020 - Book of Dreams at Villa Las Campanas, Teotihuacan, Mexico - Join us for our annual deep dive into the energies of the 2000 year old pyramids as we discover our own symbolic vocabulary for dreaming, learn about our own perception, open our intuition, and gather our own energetic fuel for creation in our hearts! We'll be playing on pyramids, flying in a hot air balloon and making our very own Book of Dreams!



April 1-8, 2021 - Book of Dreams in Hawaii, Big Island - Join us for an Easter experience of rebirth and creation on this powerful new land being born all around us. We'll be in conversation with the Earth and all the creatures who live upon her - especially horses and dolphins! We'll be tuning into the energy of the volcanoes and looking to the Earth for inspiration for our own creation. Our greatest work of art is our own life!