Book of Dreams - Dias de Los Muertos, Oct. 29-Nov. 4, 2019 in Teotihuacan, Mexico

We're excited to add this journey to our calendar - Book of Dreams Dias de los Muertos/Days of the Dead in Teotihuacan, Mexico - Oct. 29 - November 4, 2019!  We just added a visit to Frida Kahlo's house to our itinerary!!!  Days of the Dead is my favorite holiday for dreaming and creativity! 

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We’ve been leading journeys in Creativity and Intuitive Development together for 10 years. We love the way Teotihuacan supports the dream of our own creations. Imagine an entire city that was created 2000 years ago by artists of spirit to serve as a reminder of their connection to the sacred and their walk between worlds. We can still interact with the great creative intention that gave form to the dreams of the ancestral masters. In our visits to these pyramids, we will be dreaming into our own encoded language. We will be observing how our dreaming stories cross over into physical reality. We will be creating an actual Book of Dreams that contains our own vocabulary for understanding our soul using an art method called Intentional Creativity. We will discover and deepen a sense of our own symbolic lexicon. In this book, we will spark our creations into life! All you need to bring is your willingness, your humility, your open mind and your open heart.


We will be staying at Villa Las Campanas in Teotihuacan, Mexico, which is a creativity retreat center close to the pyramids and has ideal space for our dreaming, painting, processing and prayer. It is in the very center of the village of San Sebastian in one of the oldest buildings in town with a gorgeous view of the 18th century church from our studio. We will be visiting the pyramids most days, and we will be taking a ride in a hot air balloon for sunrise one morning. All of your creative art materials are provided – and truly no previous art experience is necessary! You will be guided step by step, helped along gently by Iva’s techniques for intuitive development and Emily’s instructions for intentional creativity, and you will also have lots of freedom to move outside the suggestions and guidance based on your own intuition and calling. The creation of your book of dreams will be your own unique project. You will be provided with a mixed-media visual journal that measures 9x12 inches, so it should be easy to travel with on your way home.


Our most exciting activities for this special “Dias de los Muertos” edition of Book of Dreams will include the creation of an ofrenda, an altar of “offering” to sweeten the return of the spirits to this realm when the veils between worlds thin on Nov. 1 & 2. We will visit a special market for our altar gifts and will learn about both pre-Hispanic and Catholic “syncretic” traditions around the holiday. This colorful time is the perfect opportunity to dream between worlds, to honor our own ancestors, and to shift perspective on beliefs we may hold about not only death but life itself and to ask ourselves about rebirth. Above all, it is a time to relish in unbounded creativity, to play freely with color and light, to paint our faces, to join the local processions and dance to the music, to celebrate life! This is a time of deep contemplation and joyous celebration!


Your retreat investment of $1950 USD includes 6 nights double occupancy stay at Villa Las Campanas in the village of San Sebastian Xolalpa, in Teotihuacan, Mexico, group meals, group ground transport, entry fees, and all art materials. Private rooms are available for an additional $400 USD.  Investment does not include round trip airfare to Mexico City, individual transport, travelers insurance, gratuities, and personal expenses. A $600 deposit holds your spot!


Twosome discount - if you and a friend/partner/roommate sign up together, you each get a $200 discount.

If you have participated in a previous Book of Dreams retreat, you get a $150 discount!


Contact for info and registration.