Awaken the Great Mother Within - Oaxaca Apr. 4-10, 2019

Join us on an adventure to one of the greatest cradles of creativity, Oaxaca, Mexico, where artists of life have been honoring the Sacred Mother for thousands of years and awakening her reflection within their own hearts through creative expression. When we create, we emulate the creative force that birthed the origin of all being and we spark the birth of our own dreams. Imagine becoming the Mother of your own dreams, holding, tending and caring for your most precious creation: you! Imagine wrapping up this passion fueled adventure of your soul in a colorful hand-woven tapestry called life. This is “Awaken the Great Mother Within.” Your guides Stephanie Urbina Jones and Emily K. Grieves will be your spiritual midwives. We are excited that our Special Guest Teacher, Maia Williams, will be joining us with an incredible offering in Intuitive Writing!


Join us as we climb the steps to the sacred sites and pyramids of Monte Alban and Mitla to experience initiations, ceremonies and a vortex of transformation. Sit and drink in the wisdom of the Tule Tree. Soak in the healing mineral baths at the Hierve el Agua Petrified Waterfalls. Wander the streets, churches & art galleries of Oaxaca City and be inspired by the magic of weavers in Teotitlan del Valle. Embrace the artists of life. Our Mother Patroness of the land is everywhere to guide you as La Virgen de Guadalupe and La Virgen de Juquila. Touch the depths of your soul as Stephanie leads us in Shamanic Breathwork in this powerful environment. Learn how to awaken your creative Muse with painting and Intentional Creativity with Emily and Intuitive Writing with Maia. Find your fire, your tenderness, your passion, and your compassion. Awaken the dreams in your heart to become the Mother and the Creator of your own life.


Reserve Your Spot Today! Journey is Limited to 16 Participants and will sell out fast. Don't miss this unique opportunity to go deep into the heart of your heart and be held in a small sacred circle as you heal and weave your dreams to life.


Casa Las Bugambilias

Stay at Casa Las Bugambilias, voted one of the top B&Bs in the historical district of Oaxaca. Relax and revive in luxurious rooms filled with the vibrant colors and fabrics reflecting the heart and soul of Mexico. Wake each morning to a decadent, delicious and healthy breakfast prepared with loving care while wandering out into the courtyard. The Cabreras are a family who share their home and their traditions generously, providing visitors with a unique vision of the culture of Mexico through its art and food.


Temazcal & Healing Massage with Indigenous Healer

The Temazcal bath purifies your mind, body, and spirit in an extraordinary garden setting. Ancient ceremonies combine a cleansing sweat bath with herbs and flowers. Music and a soothing massage will renew and energize you. Experience the traditional indigenous culture in an extraordinary manner.


Monte Alban

Discover the pyramids of Oaxaca in Monte Alban, located on a vast mountaintop expanse with spectacular 360-degree views of Oaxaca Valley. Designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the pre-Columbian archaeological site is one of Mesoamerica’s earliest cities, founded around 500 B.C., and is considered the most magnificent of the region’s ancient ruins. On this day long adventure we will be exploring the sacred sites and engaging in powerful healing rituals. Much like the pyramids of Teotihuacan, Monte Alban holds a similar vibrational energy of transformation.


Teotitlan del Valle

Walk the streets of Teotitlan and step into the creative energy of an ancient weaver’s village. Teotitlan del Valle is known for its textiles, especially rugs, which are woven on hand looms, from wool obtained from local sheep and dyed mainly with local natural dyes. The name Teotitlán comes from Nahuatl and means "land of the gods.” The orginal Zapotec name of the village was Xaquija, which means “celestial constellation.” According to research done by Manuel Martínez Gracida, there was a large stone split in half with the name of the Stone of the Sun. It was the first idol of the Zapotecs here. It was believed that a god came from the heavens in the form of a bird, accompanied by a constellation of stars to found the temple here. In this colorful village, be inspired by traditional artists of life and great dream weavers.


The Tule Tree

Sit and drink in the Mother’s Wisdom from one of the largest trees in the world, the Tule Tree. Dream into the heart of this Arbol del Tule, Mexico's most famous tree, and some say the world's largest single biomass. The Tule tree and its environs comprise a unique natural monument and must see experience where we will share ancient mystery teachings around the Tree of Life.



Mitla is the second most important archeological site in the state of Oaxaca in Mexico. While Monte Albán was most important as the political center, Mitla was the main religious center. The name Mitla is derived from the Nahuatl name Mictlán, which was the place of the dead or underworld. Its Zapotec name is Lyobaa, which means “place of rest.” At this holy site we will travel into the underworld and surrender all that no longer serves our path, allowing the sacred mother within the earth to receive our heavy energy as compost. We will plant new seeds in our hearts, recognizing the underworld as the womb of origin and rebirth, out of which we will cultivate the growth and resurrection of our hearts and dreams into new life.


Hierve El Agua Petrified Waterfalls

Mother Nature’s wonders will bring us into healing mineral waters at the petrified waterfalls at “Hierve el Agua,” the water boils.” We will soak in the warm thermal tubs near the natural springs that form huge calcium carbonate rock formations shaped like cascades. 2500 years ago, the ancient inhabitants of the area created elaborate irrigation canals, unique for their time in Mesoamerica.


Dinner at Los Pacos

Oaxaca is known for its moles. The most famous is mole negro, the black mole— a thick, rich mixture of ground chiles, nuts, chocolate, and other ingredients. Enjoy the experience of sampling seven types of mole at Los Pacos and choosing a dish from your favorite. Delightful and delicious Oaxacan dining experience.


Shamanic Breathwork with Stephanie

Spiritually journey in the same way as the Toltec shamans by entraining to the rhythms of drums, rattles, and music by using the breath. Much like traveling to sacred places this practice can be used to enter altered states of consciousness and awaken the shaman within. Breathwork can also be used to resolve traumas and shapeshift unproductive modes of thinking in order to move beyond them and into our wild creative hearts. This is a highly experiential and transformative process that inspires individuals to remember and reconnect with their own inner healer. As old wounds and dysfunctional patterns are released and transformed, individuals begin to regain lost soul parts and remember the magic of who they truly are. Empowerment brings wholeness and healing back into their own lives, to the lives of those they love, and to the world at large. Wisdom and healing comes from each individual’s inner experience. Shamanic Breathwork™ honors and blends the timeless wisdom of ancient traditions with the emerging new paradigm methods of healing and teaching. It functions as a bridge between these two worlds honoring the best of both worlds while creating a bridge for body, mind, heart, and spirit.


Intentional Creativity with Emily

Intentional Creativity® is a powerful healing path to self-expression and self-discovery though art making. Through personal inquiry and prayerful mark-making, connection to your own heart and to the embrace of a greater circle of community is illuminated. Mystical contemplation of our relationship to “Mother,” both internal and external, will guide our simple gentle painting process and open our awareness of the Sacred Mother who exists within each one of us. Our intent will be for you to have a positive experience of creative action resulting in a colorful visual reminder of the Sacred Mother’s Embrace holding you in compassion and love.


Wild Muse Intuitive Writing with Maia

“The old one, the One Who Knows, is within us. She thrives in the deepest soul psyche of women, the ancient and vital wild Self. Her home is that place in time where the spirit of women and the spirit of wolf meet – the place where the mind and instincts mingle, where a woman’s deep life funds her mundane life. It is the point where the I and the Thou kiss, the place where, in all spirit, women run with the wolves.” – Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés, from “Women Who Run With the Wolves.” We humans are born to notice, to remember and to share our stories. No academic training required. We will weave a thread of no-pressure, intuitive writing experiences throughout this journey, and we’ll woo the Wild Muse! This thread will lead us to a deeper place within us and it will forge a powerful connection between us. We will open our hearts, minds and spirits to honor and celebrate the traditions of Oaxaca and her people. Our beautiful home at Casa de las Bugambilias and the incredible sacred-for-centuries sites we visit will provide remarkable settings for us to awaken and express our previous dreams and creative visions.


Join us for a great adventure to Oaxaca, Mexico, as we dance, breathe, write, paint and awaken the great mother within. Visit the sacred sites of Monte Alban, Mitla and a village of weavers. Swim in petrified waterfalls and experience an indigenous healing, temazcal and massage. Stay in one of the best B&B inns in Oaxaca, Las Bugambilias, and feast on the sights, sounds, tastes and experiences of this cradle of creativity in Mexico.


$2450 per person includes shared room accommodations for 6 nights at the Casa Bugambilias, Breakfast, one Complimentary Dinner, Teachings, Temazcal & Massage, Excursions and Entry fees to Monte Alban, Mitla, Tule Tree, Teotitlan del Valle, Hierve El Agua Petrified Falls and pools, Ceremonies, Art supplies. 

Not included: Airfare, Airport transfers, Lunch, Dinner, Gratuities, Personal Expenses. We recommend you purchase travelers insurance Space is Very Limited $600 Non Refundable Deposit holds your Spot. Soul Sister Special ($300 off each when two sign up together – good through Feb. 20)



Stephanie Urbina Jones


Singer, teacher, writer, healer, soulseer, dreamer, mama, sister, friend ,wife and lover of life Stephanie Urbina Jones brings her passion, heritage and experience in living a life of creative freedom to people all over the world. She is a #1 Billboard songwriter, international touring artist, minister, master Shamanic Breathwork facilitator, Toltec teacher and co-founder of Freedom Folk and Soul, a congregation of Venus Rising Association for Transformation. Jones carries the spirit name Shaman Heart and is committed to guiding folks on journeys of self discovery, healing and transformation while empowering those who seek to live a life of passion, purpose and personal freedom. Whether she is writing a song, producing a festival, performing, creating a pilgrimage or hanging with friends, she is following the calling of her heart and chiseling out her soul! In the past few years Jones has touched audiences across the US, Mexico, Europe and Japan using her voice to inspire change in the world . Jones has a passion for transformation and is a living example of not only dreaming but bringing those dreams to life.


Emily K. Grieves


Emily K. Grieves received a BFA degree in art from the University of Montana in 1993, followed by study of art history in Berlin, Germany, as a Fulbright scholar. She lived in San Francisco, California, for 10 years where she began exploring symbolism, mythology, and ritual in her artwork, drawing inspiration from the celebrations and mysteries of life. She has been a practitioner of shamanic healing and hands-on energy work since 1997. As of 2004, she makes her home in Teotihuacan, Mexico, where she has painted murals at the Dreaming House spiritual retreat center and has created a body of artwork influenced by the cosmological imagery left in the ancient pyramids and by her relationship with her Muse and the Divine Feminine. In 2014, she opened her studio Taller de Arte El Refugio, in Teotihuacan. Emily is a certified Intentional Creativity Teacher in the Color of Woman Method developed by Shiloh Sophia. She is also a member of the Intentional Creativity Guild, an international organization that promotes intuitive artistic expression as a way to make positive change in the world. Visit her at


Maia Williams


In 2011, synchronicity and stories of San Miguel de Allende (and the Writers’ Conference) attracted Maia Williams and her husband, Wyman Rousseau, to Mexico from Charlotte, NC for a “year of living creatively.” Oops, they forgot to leave! Maia is the founder of San Miguel’s Poetry Café Bellas Artes, founding publisher of Crossroads arts and culture magazine, and co-director of the Writers’ Conference and Literary Festival where she oversees revenue, development, marketing, and participates in the selection of keynote speakers and faculty members. Prior to living much of each year in Mexico, Maia topped off her U.S. career in business as CEO of a management consulting firm with annual client revenues of $750 + million, all the while advocating for the arts and social justice. For twenty+ years, Maia’s soul work has been to design and facilitate workshops, Leadership Cafes and Biz Camps for Creatives (and other reluctant marketers!) in the U.S., Europe, and more recently in Mexico. A fan of short-form poetry and prose, in 2015 she began offering monthly workshops called The Wild Muse: Show Up & Write!