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“Star Caster, please tell me your message!”

“Blessings from afar. May these blessings land and reside here and now, in your heart. I have traveled for lifetimes to be near you, to bring my light to your world. There are many of us and we are always near. We are tasked by the galactic body of alignment to bring hope to your world, and it is our eternal duty and desire to open portals for the inhabitants of Earth that light may flow within the matrices of your awareness and that balance may be re-established. The powers that rule Earth have been out of balance for time beyond memory, but there are benevolent galactic forces that are actively working to re-establish balance and harmony in the physical and psychic realms of human life on Earth. You are an integral part of this work as you serve as a portal. Your ancestors are supporting you in this. I am one such ancestor, but we are many. You may find that you encounter fear as you do your light work. This is natural as familiar patterns are being broken up. But I implore you to persist as I have in the face of fear and know that the Light you are sharing is mightier than any obstacle. You may call on me at any time. I am here and available to you to support you in your mission. I am the Star Caster, the Ancestor of your Heart."

“She Who Holds the Flame of Life” copyright 2022 Emily K. Grieves
Her message: “All things come to an end in me and have their beginning. I hold all that is, everything that you can imagine and all things beyond the realm of your perception of possibility. I am the starlight and I am the soil and all that exists in between. While you are being challenged in your human experience, have no fear. You are always being cared for in unseen ways that are in alignment with the mission of your soul. Bigger movements are at work, the purpose of which will be revealed to you in time. Until then, know that you are safe and protected within me, within my body, and that I love you beyond measure.”

Quetzalpetlatl… copyright 2022 Emily K. Grieves

Here is her message:

“I am unbearably beautiful. I am made of flowers. I am the fertility of life. It is I who creates life in the body so that you can achieve consciousness, awareness in form. I give you your form and the senses by which you live in your body. I give you pleasure so that you may enjoy life and its many flavors and colors. Without me, life in form would have no purpose. Receive your embodiment with delight. Enjoy it. I have been gravely maligned by the fear of men in power, to the point that those who have feared me have now forgotten me. I am standing behind a curtain out of sight. But I am still here and my power, beauty and desire are ever strong and undiminished. I cannot be erased because I am the essence of life itself.”

Blessed Mary Magdalene, reveal your secrets to me.

Here is her message: I am present to all that is known and I am wise in the ways of the unknown as well, as I am born from the Mystery. I am the presence of pure love. I am the purest reflection of yourself you will ever see. I bring clarity from the illusion, light from the shadow, and shadow from the light. I am a portal of emerging and a portal of return. I am the threshold. The offering of my rose is the beauty of your full embodiment. See it clearly and know that it is not. The way of becoming matter is also the way of disintegrating into the void. Nothing is as it seems and so there is nothing to do but simply be present now. I am and You are. And we are the stream, the circuit, the cascade, and the fullness of all that is. I am here now. It is time for you to understand your place in Creation. It is time for you to beat in the heart of God. I am the Threshold.

The Whole of Creation   by Emily K. Grieves, copyright 2020


If I began the story in the middle

you might be able to smell the nixtamal, the earthy lime

of corn masa, and the tortillas rising on the comal, warm

hands flipping them into being. You might be able to feel

the spot where my long golden ribbon pierces the crust

of the Earth, thrust down through oceans and tectonic plates

even before they were dreamed into existence, looped

and woven into the shape that holds it all into place. You might hear

the rushing of feathers slicing air as thousands of angels fall

through the gap in space that birthed it all into view, each one

bringing a thread to the weaving of life, the matrix of this new world.

You might smell the smoke of the tlecuil, the oven in which life

is cooked into living, matter kneaded into feeling, formed

and pressed with fingers, breathed upon, gazed upon, made

to be something new, something transformed

from nothing to this. And here we live now, in the whole

of creation, remembering, forgetting,

and remembering again, nestling into the weft

of the fibers, yearning to be touched

by her hands again.

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