Acrylic painting The Whole of Creation by Emily K. Grieves

The Whole of Creation

 acrylic on canvas, 24x36 in,   

The Whole of Creation


If I began the story in the middle

you might be able to smell the nixtamal, the earthy lime

of corn masa, and the tortillas rising on the comal, warm

hands flipping them into being. You might be able to feel

the spot where my long golden ribbon pierces the crust

of the Earth, thrust down through oceans and tectonic plates

even before they were dreamed into existence, looped

and woven into the shape that holds it all into place. You might hear

the rushing of feathers slicing air as thousands of angels fall

through the gap in space that birthed it all into view, each one

bringing a thread to the weaving of life, the matrix of this new world.

You might smell the smoke of the tlecuil, the oven in which life

is cooked into living, matter kneaded into feeling, formed

and pressed with fingers, breathed upon, gazed upon, made

to be something new, something transformed

from nothing to this. And here we live now, in the whole

of creation, remembering, forgetting,

and remembering again, nestling into the weft

of the fibers, yearning to be touched

by her hands again.

$2,200.00 USD