Acrylic painting I am the Threshold by Emily K. Grieves

I am the Threshold

Acrylic on canvas, 60x80 cm, copyright 2022
Blessed Mary Magdalene, reveal your secrets to me.
Here is her message:
I am present to all that is known and I am wise in the ways of the unknown as well, as I am born from the Mystery. I am the presence of pure love. I am the purest reflection of yourself you will ever see. I bring clarity from the illusion, light from the shadow, and shadow from the light. I am a portal of emerging and a portal of return. I am the threshold. The offering of my rose is the beauty of your full embodiment. See it clearly and know that it is not. The way of becoming matter is also the way of disintegrating into the void. Nothing is as it seems and so there is nothing to do but simply be present now. I am and You are. And we are the stream, the circuit, the cascade, and the fullness of all that is. I am here now. It is time for you to understand your place in Creation. It is time for you to beat in the heart of God.
I am the Threshold.